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NZ in National Sailing League Finals

National Sailing League Final is on and this time there is an international team that has joined to represent New Zealand, also known as a powerhouse of sailing in Oceania. Interestingly it is the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron which is home to America’s Cup that is coming up next.

This team would be sending across a crew to take part in National Sailing League Final which would be taking part 25th to 28th April 2019. Part of the team would be Stephen Broadbent and Zane Gifford. They would be sailing on a Young 88 vessel called Raging Hormones. They have also been awarded several two as well as three-handed championship trophies as they won in 2016 and last year. These were of the Young 88 Open National Championship events. They form a good team since they also competed in summer sprint series in local Elliott 7 consecutively for four years. They are also popular in most sailing events that happen in one design class.