Low Water Levels At Glenmore Reservoir Launch Sailing Roadshow

Sailing in the City has been basically designed to provide sailing to the people of Calgary’s lake communities. They have been taking it on the road.

With water levels becoming lower in the Glenmore Reservoir due to the flood mitigation project, it was decided by local sailing club members to take their passion to the people.

Despite being on the verge of construction, Glenmore Dam is still ready to face spring floods.

Calgary sailors have been left high and dry because of lowering levels of  the Glenmore Reservoir. As per Nollind van Bryce’s statement to CBC News, “We figured there was surely an opportunity to take sailing to the public, rather than asking the public to come to the lake where there is a low level of water this year,” Nollind van Bryce told CBC News.

He is also a board member at the Glenmore Sailing Club, and was there to promote the club’s Sailing in the City program to be held at Lake Chaparral located in southeast Calgary on Wednesday.

He further exclaimed that “It was great to see a grandparent to take his grandkid and get on a sailboat,” and also said “They initially to sail when they themselves were kids and are now introducing their grandchildren to sailing. We do hear stories of that sort every time when we are out on the water.”

The club also plans to introduce this sailing to people  all around the city at lake communities and continue all summer. Members usually come up with all the equipment, including the experts, and then get people out for sailing on the water, thereby infecting them with the sailing bug in the process.

According to him “Going to sail, especially when you find that the sky is beautiful blue and lots of clouds like this, it would definitely add to the party.”