2017 Eventful For Blind Sailors

The year 2016 was an eventful year for blind sailors and it is expected that coming 2017 year will be more eventful than previous ones because of the increased number of regional, locals, international and national competitions.

Moreover, BSI website has now been updated to be able to share the latest and complete information about event of blind sailing.

The website even has requested event holders to inform in advance so that; they can put information on site at the right time. Because of this, more and more sailor will be able to take part in it. In addition to event information the BSI website has not become the platform to access match racing training material.

To promote bling sailing matches team of Liz Baylis she herself has taken some good measure like uploading of excellent short, graphic based informative videos and footages of the Blind.

World Sailing too has a column on its website that is for disabled and blind sailing. Event calendar for 2017 is already present in the website and one can collect information about all the events that is going to take place in the year 2017.

The sailing for blind event will start with Unlimited Open Match Race for Blind Sailing. The event will take place at Titusville and it is for visually impaired people and blinds of April 7 and will end on 9 April. There are many other events listed on the website. It can be checked for more details.

However, changes in data, time and venue is possible and this site needs to be followed regularly to check event schedule. The last event of 2017 for blinds will be in September. It will start on 9 Sep and will end on 15. Name of the event is World Racing World Championships for Sailing Blind Fleet. The details for same will be published by BSI also very soon.