Paul Henderson On Sailing Future

Paul Henderson of CAN completed ten years as president of ISAF, which is now known as World Sailing.

He comes back as one of the candidates for being President of the World Sailing General Assembly. This would be held in Barcelona in Spain on November 13th this year. On this platform, as a candidate for the presidential position, Paul talks about how it is essential that the sailors need to have faith in you. The leader needs to put forward certain concepts that will be the basis on which they will govern. As per his belief and experience sailboat racing is all about sailing and yacht clubs, local regattas, international chess championships, race weeks and other events like America’s Cup, Sydney Hobart race and others.

It is a participatory sport that can allow one to be involved all through their lives. He understands that like none other as he has been involved in this sport from the age of eight till the age of eighty.

Other successful sport events like Master’s golf, Melbourne Grand Prix or Wimbledon, are held at the same time as the sailing events. It is necessary that attention is brought back to regattas that are held in the traditional way. Sponsors also like to cover repetitive events which are encouraged in this form of sailing. When the Joint World Championship had been held in 1999 the governor of Victoria State announced that it had been a significant tourist event. As many as 5000 sailors had participated in the event who came along with friends who stayed and paid their own in the area, helping the economy significantly. Sailing offers international standard boats and allows the participants to enjoy the experience of being a world champion. Many feel that sailing is a pyramid with the Olympic Games considered to be the pinnacle of the pyramid.